Login in the panel

1. after installed, open panel, Photoshop: Window -> Extensions -> Design Mirror, Sketch: Plugin -> Design Mirror

2. you need to login, if no account, please register one

Wi-Fi Connection

1. make photoshop/sketch and app in same Wi-Fi network.

2. open App, click Login btn, and scan the qrcode in the plugin panel to login.

3. click wifi to connect to the photoshop/sketch.

4. the panel will show your devices current connected.

Manual input ip address

sometime App can not find photoshop/sketch, you can manually input the ip address of devices in the panel to connect.

1. open plugin panel, click ip input link.

2. input the ip address show in your app, press Enter to connect.

USB Connect

Design Mirror can connect your phone via USB cable.

1. with iphone you need to install itunes on your computer.

2. with android phone you need to open USB Debug Mode

(dont know how to open debug mode, please Ask Google.)

3. plug your phone to computer via USB.

4. open App, click USB Connect, then click Refresh Button in the panel.


1. Origin preview the image in origin size.

2. Fit make the preview image fits the device screen.

3. Upload upload pictures in your device to Photoshop/sketch.

4. Screenshot save a screenshot of current preview image.

5. History screen shot histroy.


1. Background Canvas change background canvas your like.

2. Clear Cache clear caches

Select Document/Artboard

2. Clear Cache clear caches


please check the faq while you encounter some problem.